Lobby Attendant

A Lobby Attendant or Security Guard is present in the lobby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These individuals coordinate deliveries and the use of the freight elevator. Your Lobby Attendants also perform a variety of daily activities that directly assist Clients and enable Akridge to operate your building more efficiently. Some of these activities include:

  • Serving as liaison between property management and building activities by reporting unusual or unscheduled events
  • Keeping a daily log of non-routine occurrences (i.e. observed vandalism to elevators, unusual pedestrian traffic patterns
  • Monitoring all deliveries, securing elevators and back doors, or assisting with front door entry when necessary
  • Regularly checking security phones in the elevators and at the front door to ensure proper working order
  • Deterring vagrants and solicitors from entering the building
  • Assisting property management during fire alarms and emergency evacuations
  • Ensuring elevator security is working properly
  • Unlocking and locking the building, respectively, in the morning and evening
  • Security personnel are also available to escort our Clients to the parking garage during the evening hours if so desired.