Athletic Facility

For the enjoyment of your staff, Clients at The Mills Building are able to use the fitness facility located on the B-1 level of the building.

This facility provides men’s and women’s showers and locker rooms and exercise equipment. The exercise equipment is available for your use at all times. Operating hours for HVAC are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you require HVAC service after hours, an HVAC dial is located in the facility, which can be used to turn on heating or cooling for a period of up to an hour.

Once the corporate waiver has been signed by your company, building Clients who intend to use the facility may obtain access to the fitness facility by completing a waiver. Completed waivers can be e-mailed to your Property Manager. Once waivers are received, your building ID card will be authorized for access to the facility.

Fitness Center Rules, Regulations and Waiver of Liability